Château de Boucéel

Chambres d'hôtes et Gîtes de charme

Blason Chateau de Bouceel

The Marquise's room

King size bed in the main room with a single bed in a communicating room

The largest of our guest rooms is on the ground floor of the château. Its tall windows overlook the garden and the surrounding landscape. King size bed in the main room with a single bed in a communicating room. Private bathroom, bathtub-shower, hair dryer.

This room’s floor is parquet. The 4.50 meters walls are covered with Louis XVI wood panelling with colored carvings that provide them with prestige. A carved poppy flowers bouquet, well-known for its soporific qualities, crowns the alcove in order to favour its occupant’s sleep……..

This bedroom was Marquise de Montécot, château’s owner at the time of the French Revolution, prestige bedroom. The adjacent room to it with lower ceiling was the room for her infant during the day. At night the nurse brought him up to a small room just above to sleep with her.

In this bedroom there is a portrait of the Marquise, framed in the panelling. It is the only one left from before the French Revolution. All the other paintings, books, furniture, archives, even clothes have been burnt for three days by the “Republican” soldiers after they invaded the château. During the “Consulate”, the Marquise had sued the French Government to obtain compensation; she won and was subsidized for what had been destroyed!

All of our guest rooms have connexion to the internet. No-smoking rooms.