Château de Boucéel

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Blason Chateau de Bouceel

Bame's room

This guest room facing South, very clear and spacious, is on the first floor. Its windows overlook the park and surrounding Countryside. Very quiet and charming bedroom.

KING SIZE bed partly surrounded with curtains hanging from the superb carved wood panelling.

Very fine and modern bathroom with period bathtub and shower cabin. Hair dryer.

Parquet floor and wood panelling, Louis XV, curved between the two windows because the room is situated in the middle of the château and corresponds to the shape of the advanced pediment.

Who was Bame? Bame was my grand-mother……. As a child my oldest sister did not know how to say grand-ma or mummy, she was saying “Bame”……We have kept it like that over time. This bedroom was hers.

On either side of the fire place, you can see a fine portrait of my grandmother on the left and of my grandfather on the right. Between the two windows is a beautiful oil portrait of my great grandmother.

All of our guests’ rooms have connexion to the internet and are no-smoking rooms