Château de Boucéel

Chambres d'hôtes et Gîtes de charme

Blason Chateau de Bouceel



Occupied first by the Vikings, The Grant, English family, controlled the town after them. That’s where its name is coming from. During “one hundred years war”, England reinforced the town but was driven out of it in 1442.

As early as the middle of the fifteen century boasts from Granville were already fishing cod in Terre-Neuve. Under Louis XV, it had become a corsair harbour.

The High Town, heart of the city, contains Townhouses Granville ship owners.

Christian Dior residence, “ Les Rhumbs” has been transformed into “Christian Dior Museum “

From Granville, departures for Chausey Islands and Channel Islands in season.

Tourism has progressively taken over fishing activity.