Château de Boucéel

Chambres d'hôtes et Gîtes de charme

Blason Chateau de Bouceel


This old fortified town is situated at the eastern border of Brittany. In the Middle Age it was an important military place: English and French soldiers battle for the town until 1488. On a small rocky stands an impressive feudal castle. Fougères was also the birth place of “Colonel Armand”, marquis de la Rouërie, well known officer at the War of Independence in United States.
The first houses were built down below the château, so people could find refuge in it in case of attacks from French and English soldiers who battle until 1488 for the castle.
On the edges of Nançon River, there were then tanneries, drapery, dyeing activities. Fougères was an important town in Middle Age.