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My father's book



« Mon père ce héros au sourire si doux…. »

(Victor Hugo-After the battle)


That was it was for me and even more...


Arnaud de Roquefeuil, my father, has told his life between 1923 and 1955 in comic strips. The images you see here come from his comic book which is in Boucéel.

At night when we were children and sent to bed after dinner, he was going to his desk in the library and doing his drawings with pencil and china ink. Next day, at day light, he was doing the aquarelle colours.

During WWII he shows his life on the Front during the “drôle de guerre”(funny war)1939-1940, Then he struggle in the French Resistance in the “Network Liberation Nord”, his arrest by the Gestapo and his deportation towards Concentration Camps of Buchenwald. He never reached Buchenwald because the railroad was destroyed while he was on his way.

I would like to share it with you and make you discover this priceless treasure to my family and me.